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Volume 3 issue 2 2017


1 Role of virechana & ayurvedic herbal preparetions in infertility - A case report
Sharma Rashmi, Radhey Shyam Sharma
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):53-56
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2 Ayurvedic management of childhood atopic dermatitis - A case report
Chethan Kumar VK, Soumya P, Anjana R
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):57-59
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3 Antipyretic activity of methanolic leaf extract of Canarium strictum Roxb.
Venkatachalapathi A, H. Abdul Kaffoor, S. Paulsamy
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):60-62
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4 Profiling of bioactive chemical entities in Barleria buxifolia L. using GC-MS analysis – a significant ethno medicinal plant
Tamil Selvi S, S. Jamuna, Sangeeth Thekan, S. Paulsamy
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):63-77
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5 Development and Optimization of Advanced Microwave assisted extraction for Cucurbita pepo oil: A Phytochemical and Physico-chemical screening perspectiv
Aloknath. A. Kulkarni, Prachi. P. Gujar, Ashok. A. Hajare, Chandrakant. S. Magdum
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):78-82
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6 Comparative Phyto-pharmacognostical profile of stem of Ixora coccinea Linn. and Ixora arborea Roxb
Riddhi D Kanakhara, Harisha C. R., Shukla V. J.
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):83-88
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7 Quality assessment of an Ayurvedic formulation: Potaki Taila
Karunarathne YAD, Srivastav P, Chaudhary A, Dwivedi M, Arawwawala LDAM
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):89-91
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8 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): critical review from Ayurveda perspective
Jitendra Varsakiya, Mandip Goyal
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):92-94
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9 Ayurvedic pharmacopea if constructed as per Ayurvedic principles; An observational outlook
Mallya Suma V, Kamat Madhusudhana, KN Sunilkumar
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):95-97
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10 Cirrhosis of liver: Review from Ayurvedic literature
Darshana Deka
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):98-101
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11 Commonly used Medicinal Plants in Tehsil Bangana, District Una, Himachal Pradesh
Monika Rana, Meenakshi Rana, Deepika Sharma, Preeti Chauhan
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2017;3(2):102-107
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