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Volume 5 issue 4, 2019


1 Kashtartava - A Clinical Study
Kowsalya. R.G., Swetha Naik.A.D, Arpana Jain, Sridevi Reddy
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):122-124 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5401
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2 Effectiveness of a custom-made natural tooth powder on oral hygiene status of children - a randomized controlled trial
Sharath Asokan, Geetha Priya PR, Sudhandra Viswanath, Kesavaraj B
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):125-129 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5402
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3 Comparative clinical study on the therapeutic effect of Saraswatharista and Jaladhara in Nidranasha W.S.R. to insomnia
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):130-132 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5403
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4 Impact of Modern Technology on the Development of Natural-based Products
Siti Fariza Arifin, Abdul Kareem AlShami, Sharifah Shakirah Syed Omar, Mohd Azri Abd Jalil, Kamarul Ariffin Khalid, Hazrina Hadi
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):133-142 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5404
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5 Food Safety Stratagems for Safeguarding Health and Endurance
Vd. Sushant Sud, Vd. Khyati S Sud
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):143-146 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5405
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6 A critical review on Keeta Visha- An ayurvedic concept
Deepti Patel, S.R.Inchulkar, Yuvraj Kaushik, N.S.Chauhan
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):147-151 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5406
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7 Ethnobotanical and Phyto pharmacological Overview of Matsyakshi (Alternanthera sessilis R Br.ex DC)
Karnam Chandrashekhar
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(4):152-155 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5407
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