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Volume 5 issue 1, 2019


1 A Study of Service Utilization and Patient Satisfaction among Patients Attending State level AYUSH Hospital in Delhi
Farah Naaz
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):01-06 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5101
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2 An observational study on Standard Operating Procedure (S. O. P.) of Vicharana Snehapana for Samshodhana
Satyajit Pandurang Kulkarni, Pallavi S Joshi
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):07-09 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5102
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3 Effective Ayurveda therapy to treat thyroid disorders
Anumod Kakkassery, Prasad Krishnan, Varghese P.R.
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):10-12 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5103
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4 Lifestyle consequences on Ageing – A survey study
Darshna Pandya, M. S. Baghel
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):13-17 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5104
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5 A critical review on Upavisha- Jayapala (Croton tiglium)
Neethu.P., Vijitha Vijayan, Athulya C.M, Arathi Rajesh
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):18-21 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5105
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6 Concept of Depression and Insomnia in Greco-Arab medicine
Aliya Parveen, Mohd Saqlain
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):22-24 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5106
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7 Nutraceuticals and Rasayan Chikitsa- A Review
Nidhi Verma, Mandip Goyal, Jitendra Varsakiya
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):25-27 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5107
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8 Role of Ayurveda in Public Health: Compass and Challenges
Alisha, Singh. N. R., Varsakiya Jitendra
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):28-30 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5108
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9 Tabasheer (Bambusa arundinaceae Retz.) a plant origin drug of Unani medicine– a review
Aisha Anjum. A, Tabassum.K, Ambar.S
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2019;5(1):31-34 DOI: 10.31254/jahm.2019.5109
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