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Volume 2 issue 6 2016


1 Historical insights on ‘Quacks’ in Ayurveda
Rohit Sharma, PK Prajapati
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):200-201
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2 Excision of Medoja Granthi (Lipoma) at ring finger of hand a rare location - A case study
Tukaram S. Dudhamal
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):202-203
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3 Pharmacognostic and phytochemical analysis of Agnimantha (Premna corymbosa Rottl.) root
Rini Sam Susan, Harini A, Sunil Kumar KN, Prakash L Hegde
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):204-208
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4 Screening of Antimicrobial activity of Guduchi Ghana (dried aqueous extract of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers)
Rohit Sharma, PK Prajapati
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):209-212
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5 Evaluation of antibacterial activity of Morus nigra & Citrus limon
Rizwan Ahmad, Aziz Ahmed
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):213-217
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6 Association of arterial stiffness measured from Tridoshas with diabetes- A cross sectional study
P.Venkata Giri Kumar, Sudheer Deshpande, Aniruddha Joshi, Pooja More, H.R. Nagendra
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):218-223
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7 Plant kingdom Nutraceuticals for diabetes
Rohit Sharma, Hetal Amin, PK Prajapati
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):224-228
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8 Ayurveda medicinal plants for Asthikshaya (Osteoporosis): A review
Dipti, Richa Khandelwal, Ankita Aggarwal, Mohan Lal Jaiswal
J. Ayu. Herb. Med., 2016;2(6):229-235
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